Season 2024 – Registration Night

Wednesday 31 January 2024 (6:30pm)

An exciting year ahead with us taking on the new scoring application “Dart Connect”.

Members are encouraged to join Dart Connect and open a Guest Account (FREE) which allows you to reserve a unique user ID and start tracking your performance for when you join the community. A Guest Account is also required for league players to access the scoring app for league matches (participating leagues only). 

Premium Membership ($US24per year) gives you access to everything DartConnect has to offer, including the scoring application, tracking of your performance across any type of play (social, league, events, etc.) and participation in every leaderboard.

Members/Players please note: it is not essential that you join, it just means you won’t receive match progress/updates by email. However, our Registrar will be posting the weekly match results onto the Notice Board at the Club each week.

Attention Players:  It is important that the email associated with your DartConnect Membership matches the email you provided to Perth Ladies Darts Association.

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