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Last Match for Round 4

How fast the season has gone! This week (27/7/22) we play the last match for Round 4 with only one more Round to play before the season winds up.

C’mon Ladies – keep those darts sharp and lets finish off the season by topping those high scores and pegs.

Congratulations PLDA – 2022 Metro Team Champs

On the weekend of 26 & 27 March 2022, we had two teams compete in the WA Metropolitan Ladies Team Championships with Team #1 successfully taking 2nd place in Division 1.

All our Ladies played like champions and did our Association proud in their skills at the oche and their social skills. A special mention to our member Jodi Saunders who took out the 2nd top average of 60.17 for the weekend – well done Jodi!

Team #2 played in Division 2 but alas only won a couple of games.  We’re still proud of them!

Team #1
L-R Cheril Cattz, Jodi Saunders, Deb Powell (Capt), Roz Watkins, Roz Reimers, Karen Fleming
(Who’s the goof who didn’t take their mask off for the photo?!!)
Team #2
L-R Robyn Robson, Veronica McGuirk (Bookkeeper), Maz Aurisch (Capt), Trish Marzi, Sue Merivale, June Gourlay,
(Player 6 name & photo withheld by request)
Jodi Saunders 2nd top Average 60.17!!

Membership complete for season 2022

We are pleased to announce that our teams are now fully supported with the influx of new members this season.

However, if you know of more Ladies or Junior Boys & Girls who are still interested in playing the game of darts, we welcome your interest in joining us for season 2023.

Next season we will have the capacity to support another four (4) teams or up to 32 players (pending COVID restrictions) so please register your interest by contacting us now.

2022 Season Begins

It was a great turnout for our registration night on Wednesday 9/2/22 with 21 Ladies nominating to play a Drawn Triples event to greet & meet our past members and new members.

It will be so good to have 6 teams competing this season and we welcome our new members and look forward to a very competitive competition.

Congratulations to our Drawn Triples Finalists:

    • Winners – Pippa Whitecross, Roz Watkins & Maz Aurisch
    • 2nd Place:  Congratulations to our Drawn Triples Finalists:

Well done to those players who were hot on the board hitting some high scores & brilliant pegging (many more were not recorded) with:

      • Highest Score – Heath Knoblauch (160)
      • Highest Peg – Maureen Rose (83)

50th Anniversary Gala Dinner

50th Anniversary Cake

An evening of memories and tribulations on the past 50 years of darts for the Perth Ladies Darts Association. Many thanks to everyone who attended to help us celebrate this milestone at the Pagoda Resort & Spa on 16 October 2021. Thank you to the following:

  • Pagoda Resort & Spa
  • MC – Richard Offen
  • DJ – Charles (Mobidisc)
  • Photographer – Mitchell Robinson
  • Cake – Tanya McFadden (Tanya’s Cakes)

The evening began with an introduction from MC Richard Offen including an Acknowledgement of Country. Richard then invited the Association’s President – Deb Powell to address the guests.

Deb Powell welcomed the special guests – Darts WA President – David Platt & wife Esther, DWA Junior Coach/Co-ordinator – Betty Hislop & daughter Jeanette and Pat Pidhirnyj who was the Association’s caterer for many years. Deb also welcomed the Life Members – Anne Heijboer, Veronica McGuirk , June Gourlay and Kim Kelly and thanked everyone else for attending to help celebrate the occasion. After a brief moment of silence to reflect on those members who have since passed and not able to attend the evening, she asked, “50 years ago – remember the times?”.

  • It was Aussie vs Aussie at Wimbleton when Yvonne Goolagong defeated Margaret Court in the Women’s Tennis finals and John Newcombe winning the Men’s final.
  • The Apollo 14 mission when Alan Shepheard played golf on the moon.
  • Entertainment with “Eagle Rock” by Daddy Cool and “The Pushbike Song” by the Mixtures (each song played in turn by the DJ bringing back memories).
  • Television’s “Hey Hey It’s Saturday” with Darryl Somers.

But unlike “Hey Hey Is Saturday” which last showed in 1990, The Perth Ladies Darts Association is still going strong! Strong in Friendship! Strong in a great night out with the girls!

Sadly, the members who first founded the Association, have since passed on and the only guest with the knowledge to share about the founding of the Association was special guest – Betty Hislop. Deb invited Betty as the Guest Speaker to say a few words.

Betty spoke about how female dart players were not welcomed by the male dart players back in late 1960’s. So it was decided by a few to select a team to travel to Canberra to play an unofficial Australasian Ladies Darts Championships. It was such a success for the Ladies that in 1971 the first WA State Ladies Dart Team competed in Sydney in 1972. After returning from Canberra in 1971, the late Mrs Isabel James assisted in forming the Perth Ladies Darts Association.

Deb thanked Betty for her kind words and mentioned that all their members are proud of where they’ve came from, what they’ve achieved along the way, and look forward to where they are going next. Deb stated how several years ago she had interviewed their past Life Member – June Turner (Gurr) who was the Association’s Secretary from 1971 till her retirement in 2008:

  • Question: What did the Ladies wear to darts before the Association was formed?
  • Answer: Mini everything!
  • Question: Were the female dart players “Ladies” before 1971 or were there a few “Unlady-like” players?
  • Answer: Heaven forbid! They were all pure like me!!!!!!!

Following the serving of the entree, Deb described how the Association operates now and thanked their dedicated members who travel vast distances to play every Wednesday evening. Like many sporting Associations, they also struggle to retain members. With such a small club, they introduced the Handicap Format. This format enables a weaker player to attempt to peg a game and a challenge for the stronger players to score high to get down to peg their game.

Deb invited Vice-President – Leonie McKeating to begin the presentation of awards for Champion Teams.

  • Runner Up ChampionTeamHustlers with Captain Trish Marzi, Jodi Saunders, June Gourlay, Sue Coughlin, Pat Maren, Cheril Cattz & Deb Powell
  • Champion TeamWild Wuns with Captain Karen Fleming, Sue Merivale, Kim Ware, Maz Aurisch, Lillian Zdun, Joanne Pusey & Emma Southall

All existing Life Members were then invited to present the following Club awards on behalf of a past Life Member:

  • Anne Heijboer to represent mother Nell Heijboer to present
    • Runner Up Open Doubles – Karen Fleming & Kim Ware
    • Winner Open Doubles – Jodi Saunders & Deb Powell
  • June Gourlay to represent Joyce Tyson to present:
    • Runner Up Handicap Singles – Cheril Cattz
    • Winner Handicap Singles Sue Merivale
  • Kim Kelly to represent June Turner to present:
    • Runner Up Closed Club Singles – Cheril Cattz
    • Winner Closed Club Singles – Jodi Saunders

The main course was then served before the presentation of the Individual Awards. Deb explained that during the season their members were kept interested by providing them with an opportunity to win some cash & incentive prizes. Each week the Highest Peg is awarded and presented as a token award, this year a magnetic disc & last year a clothes peg to proudly attach to their fridge for visitors to see. Also, each week all the pegs hit are placed in a barrel and one drawn out to win $10 and shared if more than one player hit that number.

Deb invited the Association’s Registrar – June Gourlay to assist with the presentation of the following awards:

  • Runner-Up Highest Average (45.58) – Karen Fleming
  • Highest Average (45.59) – Jodi Saunders
  • Runner-Up Highest Score (171) – Maz Aurisch & Beryl Stribley (the Maz & Brian Aurisch 171 Shield was presented by Maz to Beryl)
  • Highest Score (180) – Heather Knoblauch
  • Runner-Up Most Pegs (41) – Cheril Cattz (after playing 18 games) & Karen Fleming (after playing 16 games)
  • Most Pegs (42) – Sue Merivale (after playing 18 games)
  • Runner-Up Highest Peg (110) – share by Sue Merivale and Lillian Zdun (Junior player)
  • Highest Peg (113) – Izabel Zdun (first season as an adult player)

Deb & June took great pleasure in selecting the recipients of the following awards:

  • Most Improved Player – a player starting out as a Junior, this player has greatly improved playing of the past year. She played 14 games and hit 14 pegs – 6 of those winning her singles. She also threw 7 x 100+ scores with her highest being 140. Congratulations – Nicole Walton
  • Encouragement Award – this year was this player’s very first game of darts. She struggled at times to get most darts on the board but it never dampened her spirits to improve her game. Her highlight for the year was pegging to win her singles for her team to win the match at the Preliminary Finals, taking her team to the Semi Finals. It was a pleasure having her as a member of our Association – Debbie Dalrymple.

Deb went on to thank all the members who nominated to represent the Association at the WA Metro, State & Lower Grade & Inter-AssociationTeam Championships throughout the season. Congratulations to Perth Team #2 for winning 2nd Place in Division 4 at the State Team Championships.

With only 5 teams competing during the season, Deb developed a BYE Challenge for those members to attend to meet up with their team mates, have a game of darts with a chance to win some cash prizes. At the beginning of each Round, games such as “Card Darts”, “Marathon”, “Shanghai with a Twist” and “Tic-Tak-Toe” were presented. Well done to Beryl Stribley who was the top Cash winner taking $25 on one night! While the rules are provided for each game, it is played on an honour system and the rules are up to interpretation by the players – mmmmm!

  • BYE CHALLENGE – HIGHEST SCORING INDIVIDUAL (7800 points) – Karen Fleming
  • BYE CHALLENGE – HIGHEST SCORING TEAM (30,577 points) – Wild Wuns (Karen Fleming, Sue Merivale, Izabel Zdun, Lillian Zun, Joanne Pusey, Kim Ware & Emma Southall). As a final challenge, each of these players were presented with a gift which included a musical instrument. The challenge was to play the nursery rhyme “Three Blind Mice”! Deb thanked the girls for being such good sports.

Club Person 2021 – a player who never hesitates to help setup each week and always the first to start packing & cleaning up at the end of the night. This member is their eldest member and has had her stint on the Committee from time to time. Well done and congratulations to Beryl Stribley

Life Member – this lady has been a member of our Association since her early 20’s and represented the Association in U25’s, Metro, State, Lower Grade & Inter-Association Championships. She is also Captain – not only for her own team but also during the Championships. She’s been a Committee Member for many years – many thanks and congratulations to Trish Marzi.

Dessert was then served and the announcement that final tickets for the major raffle were being sold.

Auction – Damon “The Heat” Heta Framed Shirt – unfortunately, the auction was unsuccessful in raising funds to reach the reserve price and the item was handed in.

  • Major Raffle Prizes drawn by DWA President – David Platt & observed by MC Richard Offen & Association President – Deb Powell with the results being published in The West Australian on Saturday 23 October 2021.
    • 1st Prize -$500 Gift Card from Crown Perth (Winner: Ticket No. 0721 D. Peat)
    • 2nd Prize – $300 Gift Card from Red Balloon Perth (Winner: Ticket No. 0687 T. Fenner)
    • 3rd Prize – $150 Gift Card from Class Bento Perth (Winner: Ticket No. 1111 P. McGuirk)

Door Prizes were drawn and awarded by Association Secretary – Mazz Motu & Committee Member – Anne Heijboer.

Mazz continued with a presentation to Pat Pidhirnyj – thanking him for catering for their past functions and helping out in the kitchen when the Association hosted the Metro Inter-Association event early in the season.

Deb’s final message was to thank each of the Committee Members for all their hard work during the year and in preparation for this auspicious event:

  • Committee Member – Anne Heijboer (sold fundraising raffles each week)
  • Assistant Secretary/Treasurer – Trish Marzi (first time with the dual role this season and thanks for preparing the photograph display)
  • Registrar – June Gourlay (A President’s award of supper is waiting to be presented for that perfect scorebook – June is still waiting!)
  • Treasurer – Melissa Mangili (taken on role very well & thanks for managing the major raffle for this event)
  • Secretary – Mazz Motu (has worked extremely hard keeping the bookwork in order and especially thankful for organising meetings in preparation for this event – Mazz was presented with flowers in appreciation)
  • President – Deb Powell (MC -Richard took over the mic and on behalf of the Committee, thanked Deb for her dedication and hard work and flowers were presented by Mazz)

As a final message – Deb thanked everyone for attending, thanked Richard, Charlie & Mitchell for their services and wished everyone a fantastic evening.

The music played and the dance floor filled while everyone celebrated until late into the evening.

The Committee take this opportunity to apologise for the error of having no hors d’oeuvres on arrival.

Photographs of the evening available for purchase upon request – please contact us.

Handicap Singles 2/6/21

A great turnout with 16 nominations for the Handicaps Doubles on 2/6/21.   

Congratulations to the Winner - Sue Merivale who defeated Cheril Sutton in a close finish.

Thank you to everyone for the friendly challenge and for packing up at the end of the night.